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Falkor Defense (Falkor) stands behind its products, and we go to great lengths to ensure customer satisfaction. Before making a warranty claim, please take the time to review any of the FAQ’s on our site pertaining to the Firearm/Action. If a customer returns a Firearm/Action for evaluation and no manufacturing defect is found, we reserve the right to charge a nominal fee to cover the cost of the inspection and testing. Falkor guarantees only those products sold by Falkor.  This warranty is only applicable to the original owner who has registered his or her firearm with Falkor and is not transferable. Each Falkor firearm and Action was tested, inspected and carefully packaged before leaving the factory, Falkor has no control over product handling after it leaves the factory.







Your Falkor Defense Firearm and Action is warranted against defects in material and workmanship. If the Firearm or Action is thought to be defective in any way it should be returned to us as soon as possible. If a warranty issue is found a replacement or refund will be issued at our discretion. The warranty will be authenticated by the serial number on the firearm/action. 



Any firearm component not supplied by Falkor. Any coating that is added, or removed. any cryogenically treated metal work. Damage to the Rifle or Action that is determined by Falkor to be the result of abuse, neglect, misuse, corrosion, or improper care.  Damage due to the use of wrong caliber ammunition or ammunition other than high-quality commercially manufactured ammunition in good condition.  Damage due to natural causes or damage during shipping. Normal wear. Damage or malfunction due to alterations, unauthorized adjustments, parts replacement or service of the rifle by anyone other than Falkor. Government fees, damage caused by failure to perform normal maintenance, sales outside the United States, damage due to high-velocity, high-pressure, reloaded or other nonstandard ammunition. Consequential or incidental damages and/or expenses, or any other expenses are not covered. FALKOR Defense does not authorize any dealer or any other person to vary the terms of this warranty or to make any other express warranties. Please note that the Petra is not "compatible" with all suppressors and Falkor will not cover any damages that occur from improper use, and improper selection of a suppressor. Please notify Falkor at if you are considering using a suppressor. 





For warranty service please follow the steps below. Please note that Dealers do not perform any warranty service. Please allow up to 8 weeks for completion of any warranty/repair work.

  1. Call FALKOR Defense customer service at (406) 752-4253 9am to 4pm MST, or email, Monday through Friday.

  2. Complete warranty form and include it with the shipment. If the proper warranty and repair form is not included with your shipment, FALKOR will send the item back to customer.

    1. It is dangerous and illegal to ship a loaded firearm through the mail.

    2. Visually and physically check both the chamber and the magazine.

    3. If for any reason the gun cannot be completely unloaded prior to shipping, call FALKOR Defense at (406) 752-4253 for assistance.

  3. Include the proof of purchase with the firearm and/or accessory inside the package.

  4. Prepare your unloaded gun for shipping.

    1. Put your firearm in the original box, if available.

    2. If you do not have the original box, it is best to ship the gun, assembled, in a hard gun case.

  5. Ship to this address:

Note: Serialized items must be shipped from and to an FFL. Warranties are subject to change without notice, at the discretion of Falkor Defense.


FALKOR Defense, Inc
Attn: Warranty/Gunsmith
2902 US Hwy 93 N
Kalispell, MT   59901





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