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Light Weight Hunter


Wadi Ghost Grey


Wadi Desert


Wadi Prairie

Wadi Black

Built by Hunters for Hunters

The Tego Hunting Rifle is built by hardworking people who actually hunt. Most bigger firearm brands are run by non-hunters who know how to run a big business, but they probably have no idea what they are selling, yet alone how to use it. We live and breath hunting, and that translates into our rifles in the form of design, aesthetics, and performance. At Falkor, we are passionate about our hunting rifles with one purpose in mind; to provide you the best hunting rifle experience possible.  The Tego Rifle is built for the ultimate experience using the best possible parts period!  The Tego Rifle is extremely accurate and reliable, with incredible ergonomics.  Every Rifle comes standard with a light weight Falkor Action for unparalleled smoothness including options for a steel or carbon fiber Proof Research barrel.  Our Action is perfectly "bedded" into our carbon fiber stock for an exact fit.  The Tego hunting rifle comes standard with our custom "Wadi" schemes with multiple color options. We believe the Aesthetics of your rifle is just an important as the performance.  


Calibers Based on Barrel Option:

Carbon Fiber - 6.5CM, 6.5PRC, 308WIN, 300WM, 300PRC, 7PRC

Steel6.5CM, 6.5PRC, 6.8WEST, 7MM-08, 308WIN, 300WSM, 300WM, 300PRC, 7MM MAG

  • Falkor LW7 Right-Handed Action

  • Falkor Carbon Fiber Stock

  • Proof Research CF/Steel Barrel

  • Perfectly Precise "Bedding" 

  • Trigger Tech Trigger

  • Multiple Wadi Color Schemes

  • Test Fired

  • 1/2 MOA Guarantee

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