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We are not owned by an investment group.  We are not a subsidiary to a large corporation or conglomerate.  We are a small business with high expectations for those who take their craft seriously.  Our passion is building high performance bolt action rifles and high performance "Actions" for those who desire maximum results no matter what the condition, the environment or situation.  We are headquartered in Kalispell Montana, where we design, engineer, and manufacture high precision products for the serious user, including the hunter, law enforcement, and military sniper applications. 

Our company is simple. We hunt, we shoot, and we enjoy the outdoors. We take pride that we use products we build and it shows in our workmanship. Our passion and energy are directed at designing and innovating high performance bolt action rifle systems that are unapparelled in accuracy and reliability for your next adventure. 

Our Rifles, Actions and the components we produce, is a reflection of our identity, and that identity is to "Demand Excellence, and Desire More".  

What We Love About Falkor

One of the things we love about Falkor is that we design, engineer, and manufacture the majority of our parts in our factory.  One of our motto's is this: if you "design your own products," you don't have to "settle" or "compromise" when it comes to ingenuity, ergonomics, and the overall appearance. There is something to be said about that, because our brand demands excellence and more importantly our customer. 

We are blessed in the fact that we live in a country that allows us to manufacture what we love. We couldn't be more proud of our team. They are God fearing, hardworking people, who are passionate about building world class products. 

We love our customer family...  Without our customers, Falkor wouldn't exist. We are humbled and honored to be able to provide products and forever grateful for those who have supported us.

~ Jason and Melinda Sonju

Jason and Melinda Sonju - Owners and Founders
Falkor Chassis


We are a firearm and aerospace manufacture, which requires specific skill sets.  Finding people with those skills is difficult to attract and retain up here in Montana. The cost of living has increased exponentially over the last few years, and has no plans on slowing down. Finding the right people who fit our culture with the right background is challenging. But that hasn't stop us, nor will it slow us down. 

We compete in a saturated market where rifles and products are mass produced by companies all over the world.  We are not about "mass" volume, we are about building products at a rate that doesn't jeopardize our mission of quality. Our lead-times reflect this. 

There is a "price" for quality and workmanship that every hunter and marksman expect.  The Falkor brand is about "Demanding Excellence and "Desiring More".  

Where Falkor is Headed

We are excited about our future. Falkor is going places and the brand continues to spread world wide.  We will continue to build and manufacture our products right here in Montana, employing hard working people who want to build a brand that is synonymous with high performance, quality and integrity. 


Our mission and our goal has always been to strive to be one of the best and well respected firearm manufactures in America. 

Jason and Melinda Sonju
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