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The Ultimate Competition and Sniping Rifle

Falkor ROC Chassis/ROC Rifle


The Falkor Rock Rifle is the ultimate competition/sniper system. Unapparelled accuracy, with the ability to be configured to any mission. Completely Ambidextrous, allowing the shooter options to custom fit the rifle to their personal settings.   Recoil mitigation, central balance, for ultimate control no matter what the shooting condition.  

The rifle comes standard with an 7EVEN Action and your choice of a Bartlien or Proof Research barrel with a self timing ARES Muzzle Brake. A full R-LOCK ARCA rail system comes standard. Optional weights and configurations throughout the rifle brings the most versatility than any chassis rifle system on the market today. 


  • ROC Chassis

  • 7EVEN Action

  • Bartlien/PR Barrel

  • Trigger Tech Trigger

  • Self-Timing ARES Brake

  • 5-Postion Thumb Rest

  • Vertical Grip

  • Ambi Mag Release System

  • Adjustable Rear Stock System

  • Weight (optional) 15-28lbs

  • Barrel Length 22"

  • Bag Rider (optional)

  • Weights (optional)

  • R-LOCK ARCA System

  • Anodization, Nitrite, Cerekote

  • Optional Schemes & Colors

  • MLOCK Slots 

  • Built in Level 

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