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Meet Sean Utley: precision shooter, hunter, and published writer.  A firearm enthusiast, consultant of all firearms and friend of Falkor.


Sean Utley is an accomplished freelance contributor within the firearms industry. Since 2008 he has performed as a writer, photographer, videographer, consultant, and producer, accomplishing these tasks at the highest levels.

Since 2008 he has worked for several publishers, manufacturers, and organizations within the space. With countless magazine covers and feature layouts to his credit Sean has also created two successful annual special interest publications, that ran for several years—Guns and Ammo Suppressor magazine, and Athlon Outdoors's Ballistic Precision Magazine. Also to his credit is Athlon’s Long Range Precision digital series along with his own digital series, Queen Of The Mile, which he produced and directed.

As a result of his many roles, Sean has encountered, tested, and evaluated, innumerable
precision focused products including rifles, optics, ammo, and other accessories as well as
training and instructional classes.

While he is an enthusiast of all firearms, Sean is an avid precision rifleman and precision rifle
hunter. Sean continues to contribute to well known titles such as Outdoor Life, Guns and Ammo digital, and Athlon Outdoors digital. He also works with the Precision Rifle Series (PRS), in a creative consultation role.

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