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Melinda Sonju

Co-Founder & Owner

As Co-Founder and Owner of Falkor, Melinda oversees a lot of product development, design, and play's a key role in overseeing the quality systems. She also contributes to marketing and sales. 

Melinda Sonju

Born in Sumter, South Carolina, Melinda grew up an "Airforce Brat," traveling extensively with her family when her father served in the Airforce. Melinda has an extensive background in Design earning her degree in Seattle.  As a Co-Founder in Falkor, Melinda oversees product development of AR’s and Bolt Action platforms. She also contributes to marketing and sales.


On the aerospace side of the business, Melinda is involved in the day-to-operations that includes financing and overseeing the quality control systems (AS9100).  

When she is not at work, she enjoys the outdoors particularly hunting as she pursues her quest of the North American Super Slam (29 Big Game). She currently has 21 of the 29. Melinda's passion for hunting and being in the outdoors is a testament of an owner who has been influenced by her personal experiences that directly reflects in Falkor's designs and products.   Melinda along with her Husband have two boys, Nathan and Noah.

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