our products withstand the toughest conditions and are designed, manufactured, and process finished IN HOUSE.

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About FALKOR Defense

FALKOR Defense is a gun manufacturer, built on “success without compromise”. The mission is to continually exceed the expectations of the consumer by delivering firearms technology that is relevant and value added without jeopardizing quality and reliability.

For nearly a decade, FALKOR Defense has been quietly building parts for the firearms industry behind the scenes. The company’s products are being used throughout the industry under variances and other OEM brand names. With much anticipation, FALKOR Defense has strategically shifted its focus to create its name in the industry by unveiling its own weapon platforms and will continue to release new technologies going forward under the FALKOR Defense name.

FALKOR Defense uses aerospace methodologies to produce its weapon platforms and products. FALKOR Defense’s foundation is based on innovation and developing technologies that can be used for military and civilian applications, both domestic and foreign. FALKOR Defense combines the same methodologies used in manufacturing parts for missiles, fighters, torpedoes, and many other military platforms to further continue advancement in current and future technologies. This includes, Engineering, CNC Machining, Process Finishing, and Assembly.

FALKOR is ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) certified and has the ability to export and import defense related articles and services. FALKOR is a complete firearms manufacturer that designs, manufactures, process finishes and assembles its products. The company is proud to be an American manufacturer that keeps jobs in the USA.


FALKOR DEFENSE is proud to claim a history in the service of this country

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We are at Big 3 East for another amazing event. The 300 Norma is amazing! There is seriously nothing like it. The Dracos barrel is a whole other thing. From the lack of heat in the barrel to the harmonics where the cold bore shot has little to no deviation. Watch this video and see for yourself.

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