Civilian Training

Falkor U is NEW for 2017! Our top priority is to provide our customers with a quality instructional program like no other. As Falkor products are unique and of the highest quality so is our training program. We offer courses ranging from Long Range Precision Rifle courses taught by Elite Marine Scout Snipers, to Falkor Defense Armorers classes to understand your Falkor Rifle inside and out.

Our training staff has spent countless hours developing the curriculum to maximize learning and knowledge retention while keeping a fun and easy going atmosphere. Our staff is dedicated to you which is why we have also developed targets to specifically address training needs and fostering friendly competition among shooters. Be sure to check our FREE downloadable targets to take the Falkor U to the range with you.

  • Connector.

    MAY 27 & 28, 2017

    Apple Valley, CA

  • Connector.

    June 17 & 18, 2017

    Polson, MT

  • Connector.

    November 18 & 19, 2017

    Apple Valley, CA

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Topics Covered

  • Range Safety
  • Scope Theory 1
  • Angular Units of Measure
  • Fundamentals of Marksmanship
  • Data Collection

  • Prone Positional Shooting
  • Wind Calling
  • Wind Reading
  • Basic External Ballistics
  • 1000 Yd Target Engagement

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6 Hours Classroom
14 Hours Range Time
Day 1- 4 hours Classroom, 6 hours Range Time
Day 2- 2 hours Classroom, 8 hours Range Time

Long Range Precision Rifle 1 is for shooters seeking to master the skill of long range precision and to understand the science and art behind it. This is a multi-day training evolution focusing on the fundamentals and creating a solid foundation to which the shooter can continue to build on as he or she progresses over time. Bad habits do not get better over time so we stress perfect practice, analyzing shot groups, recording of information, and ultimately building confidence. This course is medium paced but not focused on time as much as a standard. The course curriculum is designed to present the appropriate amount of information with a quick transition to range time that allows for a smooth flow and immediate practical application. Due to our Semi-Auto manufacturing nature, the course will cover the operation and maintenance of the Semi-Automatic rifle.

Our goal is to provide education on the elements of Long Range Precision shooting then executing these elements on the range using live fire exercises and drills to build a solid precision shooting foundation, producing better shooters overall.

Questions please contact Tyler Hughes:

Gear List

** Attendees are advised that there will be zero tolerance for unsafe or reckless behavior. Any shooter deemed unsafe will forfeit their course fee and will be excused from the course immediately. **

Long Range Precision Rifle Course




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  • Long Range Rifle (preferred capable of 1 MOA accuracy but not required)
  • Scope (Open Tactical turrets, 10x magnification, and adjustable parallax recommended, MRAD/ MOA reticle also recommended for maximum potential during course)
  • Bipods or shooting bag/rest
  • Shooter Rear Bag
  • Shooting Mat (recommended, not required)
  • Binoculars (recommended, not required)
  • Backpack
  • 2 magazines for your specific weapons platform

  • Food & Drinking Water
  • Sleeping Bag & Pillow (if staying in our facility)
  • Weapons Cleaning Gear
  • Lube
  • Hygiene Gear
  • Weather Appropriate Clothing
  • Ear Protection
  • Eye Protection
  • Sun Screen
  • Chap Stik
  • Paper & Pen